My first post is about food. Well, it wasn't planned but I had this delish meal yesterday and I just have to share. Enjoy!
There are some meals that keep you smiling after eating. Meals that fill not just your stomach, but your heart also. Like the Amala I ate yesterday. Yes I'm a foodie! I couldn’t post this yesterday, network ish. So hehehe I ate the popular ‘amala Skye bank yesterday’ for the first time after hearing so much about it.  Do you live in Ibadan? Tell me you know the place. The name is ‘Ose Olohun Canteen’ aka Skyelolo. Those who reside or are familiar with Ibadan probably know this canteen. Where I go or what I eat is not your business but just thought to share this. I’m on a short vacation to Ibadan just to unwind and get away from home for a while. I will return home soon but I had to go to Skyelolo first. How will I be in Ibadan and not eat Amala and Abula? Not possible. Haaa! Error! Amala is a smooth, soft, succulent, thick brown food made out of yam flour. Abula is a popular soup among the Yorubas. It is a mix of two soups: Ewedu  and Gbegiri (prepared with beans). There are various soups like efo riro, ewedu alone, ila etc but I think Amala is best eaten with Abula. I had a plate of hot amala, abula soup and ogufe (goat meat). The woman just finished turning the Amala. Life! When it was time to choose the meat I wanted I became confused as I stared at the orisiirisii in three different big bowls. There was cowmeat, shaki, ponmo, fish(different kinds), liver etc . Omo I had to settle for ogufe no time.

 A friend of mine Damilola, was the first person to tell me about this place. She said whenever she visits Ibadan that’s the first place she visits and that’s the only place in Ibadan that she can go on her own. Lol Damilolas and food tho. A cousin described the place as ‘the way forward’ he said “that’s where big boys in the University of Ibadan go to.” Indeed when I got there I couldn’t help but notice the big cars, jeeps parked there. Chai! The love of food. I even heard that on week days you would see men in their suits and ties there to settle their stomach. Mehn God bless food. Everyone goes there, the young, old, even celebs etc. ha! It is a serious something. Screw fried rice and chicken. Amala was the way forward on a day like that. It is not only amala that is sold there o, they have eba, fufu etc with different soups and meats but emphasis on the amala and abula biko. I looked at the plates of others and noticed that was what most people ordered with different shapes and sizes of meat on their plates.

Ehennn let me do small amebo. There was a fine lady there,  black like the amala but fine. She baff up gan. Cloth, makeup everything on point. She had amala and abula too with one kain meat wey I no even know. Na so the babe take fork dey struggle with the meat. I no fit laff. The meat too big. Aunty beht why? Worapun to washing your hands with soap and water and dealing with the meat properly? Are you shy? Swallows are best enjoyed when eaten with the hands like a proper Yoruba person. There was one man o. Hian! He had a very stern look as if he was angry at the gbegiri. He was opposite me. He is very huge with a pot belly. My eyes caught his full plate filled with meat. Orisiirisii meat. Chai. I looked up at him, our eyes met. Omo I looked down and dipped my hands into my own plate sharp sharp.
Toh darris the end of my story o. My visit here is done. I can go back to Lagos now.

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