Je t'aime

I'm scared. I fear what would befall me. Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless not my will, but yours, be done...
And so it happened. The strokes came down like a heavy rainfall pouring from the clouds
The thundering sound of it against my skin, as loud as a sledge hammer hit hard against a piece of iron
Every one of it cut deep down into my tender skin
I felt it in my bones
With every stroke, i heard your name
As your iniquities cried out, i felt the pain
I felt pain so you would feel it no more
About to be killed by those for whom I live
Such betrayal!
I loved them still. I love you still, with the love that brought me to this earth: the agape one, leaving my glorious, immortal form to take your sinful mortal form. The agape love.
Bruised, beaten and killed for you.
I died that you may die, yes! Die to sin and the works of the devil.
Then i rose and you rose with me into eternal life. I live again, so do you, my friend.
The devil thought he had me. lmao. Stupid thing
The tomb, with its heavy stone got nothing on me.
The angels rolled it away without any effort.
Death in all its 'might' couldn't hold me down.
No! I had to return. I had to return as promised. I had to live again for you to live. I love you. Not even death could separate us. I came back for you. Yes, you. Male or female, young or old. I want us to have a relationship. I want you. Yes, this is me asking you out. Will you be mine? 
I love you this much. Do you love me too? If yes, how do you show it?
I'll always be here for you darling. All you have to do is believe in me, ask me in, accept my sacrifice, make me your Lord. I'm here.
From me, Jesus, to you, my love.

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